Academic Faculty Physician Recruitment for Universities Nationwide

PIUS Recruitment Consulting (“PRC”) is solely dedicated to the recruitment of University Faculty Physicians without excessive fees.  Whether you are seeking to hire a Dean, Associate Dean, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or even Clinical Faculty, PRC is the only resource you will need.

Our team of highly experienced faculty recruiters utilize the most progressive and cost efficient methods to reach the faculty candidates you are seeking.

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What’s different when you work with PRC?

Simply stated, there is nothing in the Physician Staffing industry that does what we do.  Pius Recruitment Consulting or “PRC” focuses solely on the recruitment of Academic Faculty physicians.  At PRC, we can fill all of your faculty needs at an unbelievably low price.  Whether you have one exceptionally difficult need or many, PRC is the most cost effective solution to ensure your success.

Our Process


Whether it’s one need, three needs or many, our contract is simple and works into any Academic budget.  You can cancel at any time and we have a record of proven success! PRC offers many attractive contract options designed around your needs. Contact us today to discuss which option will work best for your institution.


PRC utilizes the most progressive, innovative and cost effective methods to advertise your need(s). You select what advertising you want with no markup! Proof of deployment and analytics of deployment are also provided. Advertising methods include; web-postings, society job boards, targeted email campaigns, journal ads and more.


Every responder is screened to ensure they are only interested in an Academic or Clinical Academic setting and sent directly to you. You determine if they are a fit and how involved you want us to be. PRC can provide referencing, background checks, scheduling of calls or interviews and contract negotiation upon request.


One low fee for each or every need. No hidden fees what-so-ever. We understand Academic budgets and our contract is designed to be the most cost effective recruitment tool in the industry. PRC also provides a monthly progress report and spreadsheet where candidate responses and advertising are meticulously documented.